Fire suppression Systems

Azar Fire Protection
Azar Fire Protection

Aerosol fire suppression system

Description: Stat-x generators are self-contained cylinders none pressurized with no piping and Installation needed. Made in USA by Firaway inc.
Due to their fast response time, compact size, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Stat-X fire suppression systems may be used in critical applications across a wide range of industries especially in areas where weight and space savings are important.

Stat-x cylinders are available in 3 types:

  • Electrical units: Electrically connected to a specific fire alarm system and activated in case of detection.
  • Thermal units: Standalone units, activated using a thermal head only.
  • First responders: A portable units similar to a smoke grenade for immediate intervention.
Stat-x cylinders are available in different sizes and installed using a stainless steel bracket. Azar fire protection sal is proud to be the sole agent of Stat-x fire suppression systems in Lebanon. 
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We recommend it for generators, electrical rooms and server rooms.

Azar Fire Protection
Azar Fire Protection

Kitchen fire suppression system

Description: Kitchen fire suppression systems are installed in the hood and cocking area of an industrial kitchen.
System in use at our company has many advantages listed below:

  • Low installation cost:
    • The nozzles provides wider protection area and lowest flow points against to other brands.
    • The plenum nozzles protection area is 3 m x 1,2 m but it is 2,4 m x 0,5 m in the other systems.
    • The duct and hood nozzles flow point is 1 m but it is 2 m in the other systems.
    • The cooking appliance nozzle flow point is 1 m but it is 2 m in the other systems.
    • As a result:
      1. Defender offers low labor and piping cost due to wider nozzle protection area.
      2. Defender offers competitive solution with small sized cylinders after low flow points.

  • Low maintenance cost
    1. The maintenance is easy:
      • Defender can be checked easily by a gauge (green zone).
      • The other system can be check by a special equipment like sensitive scales.
    2. The filling cost is low:
      • Defender can be pressurized with nitrogen without any cylinder after each discharge.
      • The other systems need an additional pressurized nitrogen cylinder after each discharge.
      • Defender has LPCB certificate

We recommend it for industrial kitchens.