Miscellaneous Accessories

Azar Fire Protection
Azar Fire Protection

Fireman suite

Description: Nomex fireman suite composed of jacket, pants, helmet, boots, hood, and gloves.
Size: M, L and XL

  • Outer layer: Nomex IIIA out layer (225gsm, 7.0oz)
  • Waterproof layer: Aramid fiber cloth coated with PTFE (115gsm)
  • Thermal Barrier: 85% Nomex and 15% Kevlar fiber (120gsm)
  • Comfortable layer: 50% aramid fiber and 50% viscose (120gsm)
  • Reflective Tape: 3M reflective tape, 50mm width. 3M yellow silver yellow around upper and lower sleeve parts, on front of the chest and bottom parts of the jacket.
  • Jacket front zipper and velcro together.
  • Two pockets on the lower side of the jacket.
  • Radio pocket with flap over pocket.
  • Two side pocket on the pants.
  • Kevlar ribbed sleeve end.
  • High tenacity elastic belt installed on the pants.
  • Coat and pant or coverall.
  • The fire fighter wears the suit for protecting himself when putting out a fire.
  • Special property: Flame retardation, heat-resisting, waterproof, steam permeability, comfortable inner, the outside facing component layer having static electricity prevention, acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, high temperature preventing, good thermal stability, etc.
  • ISO9001:2008
  • EN469 certificate and test report of National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
Weight: 3.2 kgColor: Navy blue

We recommend it for factories and oil refineries.

Azar Fire Protection

Foam trolley and accessories

Description: The foam liquid extinguisher on trolley is highly maneuverable and it is suitable for outbreaks of fire that cannot be dealt with by using portable extinguishers. It is effective on flammable liquid fire.

This is a self-contained foam production unit which only requires connection to suitable water supply (minimum water supply required is 180 LPM at 5 bar)

- 2 x 15m 1-3/4″ (45mm) fire hose with Aluminum BS Coupling
- 225 LPM Foam Inductor with pickup tube
- 225 LPM Low Expansion branch pipe
- Control valve (2″ ball valve)
- 120L AFFF, foam concentrate and fibre glass tank on trolley

We recommend it for factories and oil refineries.

Azar Fire Protection

Fire blanket

Sizes: 120x120 mm and 180x180 mm
Color: Red 
We recommend it for residential and restaurant kitchens.

Azar Fire Protection

PVC cabinets

Description: Fire extinguishers PVC cabinet for 6 and 9 kg.
Extinguishers to protect it while installed in an outside area or near any corrosive materials
Origin: Italy
Color: Red/Black, White/Crystal
We recommend it before outdoor extinguishers and near the sea areas.

Azar Fire Protection

Fire extinguishers stands

Origin: Italy
Color: Silver/Black
We recommend it for offices and shops.

Azar Fire Protection

Full face mask

Origin: Spain
We recommend it for factories, hotels, shopping malls and oil refineries.

Azar Fire Protection

Battery operated smoke detectors

Origin: China and United Kingdom
We recommend it fore offices and homes.

Azar Fire Protection

Breathing apparatus

Description: Designed using leading technology and advanced materials, Dräger’s range of Composite Cylinders can be used in any application where breathing becomes difficult or impossible.
6.8 ltr. , 300 bar, complete cylinder with mask and all accessories.
Origin: Germany
Brand: Drager
We recommend it for factories, hotels and oil refineries.

Azar Fire Protection

Safety signs

Origin: Portugal
Dimensions: 150x200, 300x100, 100x100
Material: Photo luminescent (phosphorescent) rigid plastic 2 mm thick
Printing: Serigraphy, high quality gloss paint with UV resistance and a 5-year guarantee 
Surface: Antistatic and easy to clean 
Fire Resistance: Class M1 
Chemical Characteristics: Non-radioactive, non-phosphorous, lead-free and non-toxic.

We recommend it for factories, offices, hotels, shopping malls and oil refineries.

Azar Fire Protection

Break glass for key

Origin: China
Color: Red
We recommend it for offices, hotels and factories.